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Fresh Art!

2009-11-24 15:28:58 by crazydave001

I just submitted two more pieces to NG. I originally made these for an international digital art show that's being held locally. zydave001/the-schematic zydave001/sharp-space

Relax and Smile

2009-02-27 06:11:57 by crazydave001

Hello NG. I just wanted tell you all that I have been working on a little animation that I should have finished up within a month. Normally I make it a point to not discuss projects until they're done, but I'm just so excited since this is my first animation ;). It's a sorta morbidly upbeat music video type thing, to go with "Relax and Smile" by the very talented Hania. Listen to the song here if you have an extra minute or two.

Oh, and lets not forget a quick preview of my animation. COMMENTS PLEASE!!!

Relax and Smile